SketchUp Gallery Submission Form

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SketchUp Gallery Submission Form

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SketchUp Gallery Submission Form

SketchUp Gallery Submission Form

We’re hard at work on a next-generation online user gallery. It’s a museum — no, a shrine — dedicated to showing off the amazing ways that folks are using SketchUp to change the world. Inspiring, ingenious projects, beautifully presented, searchable and sortable, with comments and kudos and moments of sheer delight.

If you modeled it, and you’re proud of it, we want to see it. And so do lots of other people. Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form and submit images. If we choose to feature your project, we'll let know when our new gallery is ready. Happy sketching!

Full Name *

Email Address *
We'll only use this to contact you about your submission. Visit for more info.

Organization Name

City, Country *
Example: Anytown, Canada

SketchUp Experience Level
1 | This was my first project
2 | I know enough to get by
3 | I'm good, but not great
4 | My friends and coworkers come to me with SketchUp questions
5 | I have a black belt in SketchUp-fu

Project Name *
Short and sweet, please.

Please write a one-sentence description of your project. *
Example: The Smith Residence is a modern, single-family house located on a steep hill in Colorado.

Please describe your project in more detail *
Some questions to get you started: Who is this project for? Does this project solve a problem or address an existing need? How does it work? What aspect of it is particularly unique or special? Why did you decide to make a 3D model?

Project Images Link (Required) *
Please provide a link to an online album of images. This can be on Picasaweb or any other photo sharing service. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ALBUM IS PUBLICLY VISIBLE. Send the link to a few friends to test it out.

3D Warehouse Model Link (Optional)
If you've uploaded your project to the Google 3D Warehouse, please provide a URL.

YouTube Video Link (Optional)
If you've uploaded a video of your project to YouTube, please provide a URL.

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